New Catalogue for “Form and Surface: African Ceramics from the Collection of William M. Itter” for the Eskenazi Museum of Art in Indiana and Scala Arts Publishers

A lot of Studio A’s work is with the museum community. Here’s a book we recently completed for the Eskenazi Museum of Art in Indiana and Scala Arts Publishers: “Form and Surface: African Ceramics from the Collection of William M. Itter.” Our job was to design a simple and elegant presentation of these gorgeous ceramics pieces.

Lydia Mendoza stamp featured on PBS News Hour

For Hispanic Heritage Month, as part of their “Hidden Histories” series, PBS NewsHour looked back on the life of Lydia Mendoza, a Mexican American singer whose music bridged styles and cultures to tell the stories of the working class.

Bonus! They end the 4-minute piece by showing the stamp Antonio art directed 10 years ago!

USPS celebrates the OSIRIS-REx mission return with a stamp!

While many of us were enjoying our Sunday visiting museums or watching football, the folks at NASA held their collective breath as the OSIRIS-REx mission returned to Earth after collecting samples of asteroid Bennu. The successful landing means it’s time to celebrate! And what better way than with a new stamp, right? We had a great time working with NASA to create this sheet of stamps commemorating the mission—released just in time for the OSIRIS-REx return!

The stamp artwork shows the capsule containing the sample parachuting to the Utah Test and Training Range, a U.S. Department of Defense facility. A depiction of Bennu’s surface appears at the bottom of the pane’s selvage, with outer space above — deep blue and dappled with celestial bodies. A view of the asteroid is in the upper right corner. It is juxtaposed against the NY Times article about the return of the spacecraft to Earth.

Stamp sheet for OSIRIS-REx. the border is illustrated with imagery of the craft, it's landing on the surface of the asteroid Bennu by parachute, and collecting a sample.

USPS celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with the Piñatas stamp

In case you missed last week’s unveiling of the new stamps celebrating Piñatas, here’s a photo of the four festive designs! Long a presence at fiestas throughout the southwest, piñatas can now be found at birthday parties around the country. Antonio worked with the Mexican-American artist Victor Melendez to create these colorful stamps. We hope you like them (candy not included)!

The stamp art features four digital illustrations of two traditional piñata designs — a donkey and a seven-pointed star. The bright, saturated color palette was inspired by Mexican culture, including the vibrant colors of small-town houses, traditional hand-sewn dresses, handmade toys and flowers, and classic piñatas themselves. The donkey illustrations are set against either a pink or orange background; the stars feature either a purple or green background. The background colors add to the exuberant and celebratory feel of the stamps.