USPS celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with the Piñatas stamp

In case you missed last week’s unveiling of the new stamps celebrating Piñatas, here’s a photo of the four festive designs! Long a presence at fiestas throughout the southwest, piñatas can now be found at birthday parties around the country. Antonio worked with the Mexican-American artist Victor Melendez to create these colorful stamps. We hope you like them (candy not included)!

The stamp art features four digital illustrations of two traditional piñata designs — a donkey and a seven-pointed star. The bright, saturated color palette was inspired by Mexican culture, including the vibrant colors of small-town houses, traditional hand-sewn dresses, handmade toys and flowers, and classic piñatas themselves. The donkey illustrations are set against either a pink or orange background; the stars feature either a purple or green background. The background colors add to the exuberant and celebratory feel of the stamps.