Dario Zucchi /  Dario Zucchi at 80

Zucchi’s photographs capture chance encounters in galleries between viewers and artworks.

  • Cover highlights a Zucchi photograph of a figure wearing a yellowsweater with cartoonish eyeballs looking at the letter “K” standing in front of a yellow artwork with offset pieces.
  • The title page features a figure wearing a camouflage jacket with a fur lined hood in front of a camouflage pattern.
  • The essay opener features the silhouette of a figure whose hair matches the abstract shapes of a painting the figure is in front of.
  • Essay opener with the text in English in Italian shows person wearing a black and white shirt split between a gridded pattern and polka dots standing in front of a work with a dot pattern.
  • Essay text with comparative figures. The figures in his works are viewed from behind and relate to the background.
  • Selected works opener has a person wearing a green shirt and dark hat in front of a painting with a lower forest green band and a dark green upper band.
  • This spread at left has a shawl with a diagonal stripe pattern in front of a vertically striped painting reminiscent of the Washington Color School. To the right is a figure wearing a vertically striped shirt standing in front of a work with vertical stripes as well.
  • This spread has a figure with a t-shirt with a diagonally striped pattern and the word “white” in front of an artwork with diminishing squares in black an white. To the right is a silhouetted figure in front of an image with a circle with horizontal black and white stripes situated in a square with vertical black and white stripes.
  • This spread has a two works which both show a figure wearing multi-colored patterned sweaters standing in front of multi-colored abstract works.