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The Watkins Collection at American University celebrated its sixtieth anniversary with an exhibition and catalogue presenting their history and major artworks.

  • Front cover featuring an abstract acrylic painting by Paul Reed called “Hackensack A” from 1967.
  • Frontispiece with title page featuriing a photo of an artist at an easel painting a nude model shown from the back.
  • Introduction features a curator essay and an oil painting of a town on a hill above a river on cloudy day by C. Law Watkins.
  • Spread with Ben Nicholson's abstract cubist oil painting and Rockwell Kent’s oil painting of a father and son embracing.
  • Spread of Washington Color School artists Gene Davis & William de Looper. Works have colored stripes handled in each's style.
  • Spread has Carroll Sockwell's painting with charcoal and graphite strokes and a wood sculpture by Robert Stackhouse.