St. Bride's Farm /  St. Bride's Farm Sculpture Collection

A book of photographs by Philip Bermingham documenting a collection of sculptures at a rural, Virginia farm.

  • Cover features an aerial view of the countryside at sunset, with four sculptures in the foreground.
  • Title page show the entrance to the farm with the gates open.
  • Chapter opener features a man and a woman, both clothed in black, standing in front of a sculpture.
  • Two people on horseback riding past a sculpture by Mark di Suvero consisting of red interlocking steel beams in an abstract shape.
  • Spread showing two photos, a close-up and a distant view, of two sculptures representing sheep.
  • Full bleed photograph at dusk showing silhouettes of two horses, a fence, trees and a sculpture by Barry Flanagan.
  • Two pages with photographs of a sculpture by Monolo Valdes. The second is an aerial view showing a person feeding a horse in front of the same sculpture.
  • Full bleed photograph showing three abstract sculptures by a pond on the grounds. The sculptures are by Beverly Pepper, Joel Shapiro, and Kenneth Snelson.