Pensler Art Gallery  /  Abraham Manievich

This monograph presents new scholarship about, and artwork by, the early twentieth century Ukrainian-American expressionist painter.

  • Front cover features “The Bronx” a cubist-futurist cityscape reminiscent of abstract folkloric Russian paintings.
  • Frontispiece with title page shows a self-portrait drawing of the artist Abraham Manievich.
  • Opening spread of an essay has a detail of a work that shows a several houses up a hill.
  • Internal spread with photographs of his work.
  • Opener for the plates showcases his work “Through the Trees (Fairy Park)” in his distinctive abstract style.
  • “Bronx II,” in yellow, tan, and orange compared against “The Bronx,” with reds and blacks to give it a darker tone.
  • Chronology, endnotes, bibliography, index opening spread has photograph of the artist seen in profile.
  • Chronology spread is highlighted by photographs.