Smithsonian Books  /  Smithsonian Civil War: Inside the National Collection

This volume commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War with 150 separate narratives and 550 artifacts from twelve Smithsonian museums.

  • Front cover features Colonel John Singleton Mosby’s frock coat over a textured metallic background.
  • The front endpapers reproduce pages from a Civil War-era photo album with Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and an array of Confederate generals.
  • Frontispiece and title page highlights a framed Civil War-era photograph of two soldiers in blankets with an American flag.
  • The Table of contents is interspersed with Civil War era objects and art.
  • Chapter Opener shows a framed photograph of Frederick Douglass.
  • Details of page about the bowie knife reveals typographic and ornamental detail as well as highlighting the hilt of the knife.
  • Photographic spread of four views of a mask of Abraham Lincoln.
  • Spread with entry and flag artifacts.
  • Double entry spread with artifacts: John Wilkes Booth’s wanted poster with characteristic typography of the era and stacks of Confederate notes from the Richmond Hoard.