Figge Art Museum /  Quanta of Space: The Bosom Sculpture of Ibram Lassaw

The sculpture and jewelry artwork of Abraham Lassaw is presented in this exhibition catalogue.

  • Cover features a wearable sculpture from Ibram Lassaw, an abstract expressionist artist, that resembles a chemical structure.
  • The page features a standing sculpture that resembles a multilegged-figure with a central portion that mimics cloth.
  • Chapter opener features a black and white photograph of the artist with his family.
  • Chapter opener shows a detail of a “Counterpoint Castle,” a modernist sculpture with interweaving forms in gold and silver tones.
  • Internal spread shows how the text columns are deliberately not aligned for a more dynamic design. Images of modernist jewelry from the artists’ contemporaries are featured.
  • Opener for the “Plates” section of the book features a modernist scultpture that resembles a protein structure and its shadow.
  • Two organic sculptures featured side by side. One resembles a sun having a circular shape with spikes radiating from it.
  • Full bleed two page spread of a what appears to be a detail of form resembling a sea creature.