National Museum of African American History and Culture /  2017 Annual Report

The 2017 report highlights museum accomplishments through visitor quotes about their experiences.

  • The distinctive building featured on the cover is meant to evoke the three-tiered crowns of Yoruban art from West Africa.
  • Table of contents and letter from the director Lonnie Bunch III.
  • Spread celebrates the museum’s first year with an image of dancers leaping in elation and creative use of typography.
  • Scenes from exhibits and visitors include a photograph of black children, a man standing in front of framed photographs, and a woman carrying a camera.
  • Spread of the museum’s educational accomplishments feature a photo of two children marching mimicking civil rights protests.
  • A woman holding up an old photograph of her ancestor shows how pioneers and ancestors are honored in the museum’s exhibits and programming.
  • Two young men dancing exemplify the creative initiatives and partnerships from the year.
  • Back cover showcases the dramatic interior of the museum where the openness to light symbolizes the open dialogue about race.