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The exhibition documents 350 years of Jewish life in America and includes a timeline leading readers from present day events to the mid-sixteen hundreds.

  • Exterior banners establish a theme of the many faces of Judaism in America.
  • Lamppost banners.
  • Banners hang in the Library of Congress foyer.
  • The time line begins with contemporary events and moves backward in history.
  • Large portraits showing Jewish faces from different eras punctuate the time line, and reinforce the concept of moving back through history.
  • Exhibition cases, wall displays and label rail.
  • Front and back covers of the exhibition’s companion catalogue.
  • The title page features a poster encouraging recent Jewish immigrants to support America’s World War I efforts.
  • The contents page faces a 1912 photograph of an Inspection Room on Ellis Island.
  • A chapter opener shows a 1920s portrait of a Jewish Ukrainian immigrant family.
  • Mulberry Street, New York City, ca. 1900.
  • The chapter “American Jewish Popular Culture” features this poster for Al Jolson in “The Jazz Singer.”

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Thumbnail image of the cover of Game Faces: Early Baseball Cards from the Library of Congress for the Library of Congress.

Game Faces: Early Baseball Cards from the Library of Congress

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