Scala Arts Publishers /  Judy Chicago

The first major monograph on Judy Chicago in twenty years presents work from throughout her career.

  • Cover of Judy Chicago: New Views has a detail from Purple Atmosphere, a fireworks performance that released a purple cloud.
  • The first of seven image details introducing her work. “Through the Flower 2” is a multicolored view seen through petals.
  • Image details of her work with “Rejection Fantasy” and a photograph of her cat on “Heritage Floor,” part of “The Dinner Party”
  • Frontispiece with title page features “The Creation.” This abstract work depicts an arm holding the sun and a leg with insects & reptiles crawling on it.
  • Catalogue spread of “Pasadena Lifesavers #1, #2, and #3,” showing circular or donut shapes with different multi-color schemes.
  • Spread of “Let It All Hang Out,” a series of concentric circles with a kaleidoscope pattern; and “Heaven is for White Men Only,” crossed shapes stacked at angles.
  • Essay opener features “Immolation.” A woman painted in green sits in a desert with fires and orange smoke billowing around her.
  • Essay spread with figure illustrations. The layout consists of a column of figure illustrations besides two text columns.
  • A spread of a stained glass work, “Rainbow Shabbat.” A diverse group prays at dinner with Stars of David in rainbow colors.

Other projects completed for Scala Books include:

Cover of “Hunt Slonem: The Bigger Picture” features colorful butterflies over a gold textured background.

Hunt Slonem: The Bigger Picture


Cover of “The Art of the Character” features Glenn Close holding a cigarette in a sheer flowy dress viewed from behind.

The Art of the Character: Highlights from the Glenn Close Costume Collection


Cover of “Metadata” has a blurry image of a woman’s face with the title treatment placed over her, just under her eyes.

Metadata: Rethinking Photography in the 21st Century