Scala Arts Publishers /  Judy Chicago

The first major monograph on Judy Chicago in twenty years presents work from throughout her career.

  • The front cover of Judy Chicago: New Views shows a detail of Purple Atmosphere, a fireworks performance that released a purple cloud over Santa Barbara, CA.
  • The first of seven full-page image details introducing the artist’s work is Through the Flower 2, a multicolored view is seen through petals.
  • Full-page image details introducing the artist’s work with Rejection Fantasy at left and a photograph of her cat lying on Heritage Floor, a part of The Dinner Party.
  • Frontispiece with title page features a detail of The Creation, an abstract work. An arm appears to hold the sun with mountains and sea in the distance. A leg contains images of insects and reptiles.
  • Catalogue spread of Pasadena Lifesavers #1, #2, and #3, abstract works of circular or donut-like shapes that are multi-colored with different bright color schemes.
  • Catalogue spread of Let It All Hang Out, a series of concentric circles on a square canvas with a kaleidoscope pattern; and Heaven is for White Men Only, a series of crossed shapes stacked with each cross turned at a different angle.
  • Opening spread of an essay features Immolation, from Women and Smoke. A woman painted in green sis in a desert landscape with multiple fires in different stages of burn and orange smoke billowing around her.
  • Essay spread with figure illustrations. The layout consists of a column of figure illustrations besides two text columns.
  • The stained glass work, Rainbow Shabbat, on a spread. The center of the tryptich depicts a diverse group at the dinner table with each person’s hand on the shoulder of the next facing the woman praying at the head of the table. Sitting opposite to her is a man lifting up a ceremonial cup. Each end piece shows the Star of David in rainbow colors.

Other projects completed for Scala Books include:

Cover of Hunt Slonem: The Bigger Picture features colorful butterflies over a gold textured background.

Hunt Slonem: The Bigger Picture


Cover of The Art of the Character: Highlights from the Glenn Close Costume Collection features the actress viewed from the back, holding a cigarette with her face in profile wearing a sheer flowy dress.

The Art of the Character: Highlights from the Glenn Close Costume Collection


Cover of Metadata: Rethinking Photography in the 21st Century shows the blurred image of a woman’s face. The title treatment is placed over her face, just under her eyes.

Metadata: Rethinking Photography in the 21st Century