The Phillips Collection  /  Xavier Veilhan

Through his artwork, Veilhan investigates maintaining a balance between natural and social forces, new technologies, and historical styles.

  • alt=”Front cover features his abstract sculpture “Figure n5 (La Femme Nue)”.”
  • Table of contents opposite a photo of the artist at work.
  • Essay spread with decorative large quote, “To me, reality is very complex and chaotic and art is a way of synthesizing it...”
  • Essay spread with installation photos.
  • Detail of page in which the text, in a modern typeface, contrasts with the historic typeface used for the pull quotes.
  • “Works” section opener features thumbnail images of each item to give the viewer a sense of the entire exhibition.
  • Spread from the “Works” section features “Mobile No. 2&rdquo and “Figure n5 (La Femme Nue).”
  • Spread from “Works” section shows an abstract work with 3 circular forms with a blue, black, and white palette.

Other projects completed for The Phillips Collection include:

Cover of the catalogue shows a work with organic multicolored strips on a bright yellow background.

Lou Stovall: The Museum Workshop


Cover of the catalogue features one of his abstract works with a large yellow rectangle and a smaller red rectangle.

Ellsworth Kelly


Cover Intersections exhibition brochures for The Phillips Collection where artwork is revealed in triangular shapes.


Exhibition brochures

Cover of the Eliza Laughlin Society print materials features a detail of two ballet dancers from a work by Edgar Degas.

Eliza Laughlin Society

Identity and print materials