National Museum of the American Indian  /  Revealing Ancestral Central America

A companion book to an exhibition, this volume presents artifacts from historic Central American cultures.

  • Front and back covers show sculptures in humanoid shapes.
  • The patterned page opposite the half title, is made using a motif similar to one found on an artifact in the exhibition.
  • A Greater Coclé Animal figure faces the title page.
  • Essay spread with an image of an animal-like pottery and text.
  • Essay opener shows six examples of pottery.
  • Section opener features a patterned plate.
  • Collector's profile features his photo and two examples of pottery.
  • Bibliography features an example of pottery that is shaped like a cheetah.

Other projects completed for the National Museum of the American Indian include:

Cover of the Native Universe calendar shows a woven multicolored circular object with beige and brown tassels.

Native Universe