Hand Print Workshop International  /  Process and Innovation

This catalogue accompanies a traveling exhibition of work by thirty-five artists produced over twenty years in collaboration with Hand Print Workshop International.

  • Front cover features a detail from Pavel Makov’s work, “Nightingale.” A bird sits atop a textured field of yellow and blue.
  • Introduction includes the “Last Iceberg,” one of Dennis O'Neil’s wax screenprints.
  • Artist spread of Komar & Melamid shows two works with George Washington. In one, holding a branch and arrows and in another, holding an eagle-headed baby.
  • Spread shows the full work by Pavel Makov, “Nightingale,” depicting a bird atop a textured field of yellow & blue with plants.
  • Artist pread for Renee Stout shows her photograph and a wax screenprint with a black woman with her hands outstretched.
  • Spread for Steven Cushner shows a photograph of the artist at work and his abstract works Echo #4 and Charm Bracelet.
  • Artist spread for Tom Green has his photograph with Dennis O’Neil and art that features his unique glyphs over a red field.
  • Artist spread for William Christenberry has his photograph with Dennis O’Neil and a layered screenprint with logos and illustrations over a house shape.