Cornell Fine Arts Museum /  African Apparel

This exhibition catalogue presents a diverse collection of twentieth century clothing and worn ornamentation from throughout Africa.

  • Exhibition catalogue cover features a detail from a beaded shirt from Bamileke, Cameroon.
  • Detail of a Bamileke tunic opposite the title page
  • Detail of a Ndebele blanket and the beginning of an essay
  • Spread features a silver cross pendant (Ethiopia), strip-weave cloths (Ghana & Nigeria), and a wool shawl (Algeria).
  • Catalogue entry for an indigo colored Adire starch-resistent cloth from Nigeria.
  • Detail of typography for the entry about an Adire starch-resistent cloth from Nigeria.
  • Catalogue entry for Kanga design from Zanzibar that features yellow flowers and green leaves.
  • Catalogue entry for marriage waistcoat shows the full garment and a detail of the patterning as a full bleed image.
  • Catalogue entry for multi-colored circular beaded collar from Kenya.
  • Catalogue entry for a tunic from Sudan. The tunic is tan with a pattern of red and blue squares.