Athenaeum  /  Visual Identity

The Athenaeum is a historic nineteenth-century building hosting contemporary art exhibitions, music and drama performances, lectures, ballet classes, and other special events.

  • Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association’s brand for their historic art center, the Athenaeum, reflects 19th-century lettering with a contemporary feel.
  • Letterhead front and back.
  • Envelope front and back.
  • Business card featuring the visual identity of the Athenaeum for the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association
  • The cover of the Athenaeum’s brochure features a photo of the Greek Revival building built in 1852.
  • The brochure features photos of the Athenaeum including one from the mid-1860s of Union Soldiers standing on the building’s front steps.
  • Eight announcement cards for different art exhibitions maintain a brand consistency.
  • The cover of Ruth Bolduan’s art exhibition catalogue reflects the same branding established for other Athenaeum communications.
  • An interior spread from the Ruth Bolduan art exhibition catalogue.
  • An invitation to a garden party for members and supporters of the Athenaeum.
  • One of three special event signs created for exterior display.