AIGA  /  Design Legends Gala

Three gifted designers and their “gifts” to the profession were honored in materials created for AIGA’s Design Legends Gala.

  • Three designers and their “gifts” to the profession honored in materials created for AIGA’s national Design Legends Gala.
  • A quote by Emile Zola on the Save-the Date card suggests artists who work hard make their special gifts worthwhile.
  • The back of each invitation wrapper is sealed with the AIGA logo.
  • An unwrapped invitation contains the event information, response card, and response card envelope.
  • The commemorative book, wrapped in paper and closed with the AIGA seal, and unwrapped gifted to each gala attendee.
  • This spread features a profile of Michael Bierut, one of the honorees.
  • The book’s pages are folded and bound at the spine. The outside of each page features text about the honoree and a sample of his/her design.
  • Each example of the honoree’s work is on a separate page to prevent visual interference from non-related designs.

Other projects completed for AIGA include:

Vote poster depicts a crown on a solid red background with the word “vote” and the quote “Good design makes choices clear.”



Cover for the catalogue has photographs of Armin and Dorothea Hoffman in the negative space of a large sans serif letter H.

Armin and Dorothea Hofmann

Exhibition identity and print materials

This poster has an illustrated speech bubble of a joke about typography coming from the bird of a cuckoo clock.

Design For The Fun of It


Minimalist Power, Passion, Vision poster with an illustration of an eye shaped like a heart filled in with red crayon.

Power, Passion, Vision

Print material

Program cover has “AIGA50” stacked with bubble letters in white over a colorful overlapping pattern of the letters “AIGA.”


Identity and print materials

Desigers without Borders poster features stylized typography, an illustration of an immigrant, and a yellow background.

Designers Without Borders

Print material

Thank you card with overlapping and stacked letters in red, yellow, blue and red in a slab serif typeface.

Thank you cards

Print materials

Life-size wall graphic of Toulouse-Lautrec over stacked red rectangles conveys his enormous influence on graphic design.

Small Man. Big Man.

Exhibition design, identity, and print materials