Art in Embassies  /  Tijuana, Mexico

This bilingual catalogue documents the art collection on display in the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana, Mexico.

  • Front cover features Arturo Almeida’s art inspired by papel picado against a brown rectangle on the back cover.
  • Detail of the title showing the word “mexico” in a stylized curvilinear typeface printed in a clear gloss UV coating.
  • Title page with cover flap open to the left.
  • The text in a dual language essay creates a visual “border” with English text printing in black just “north” of the Spanish text printing in copper metallic.
  • Opening catalogue spread features the word “artists” reflecting the cover typography over a brown background.
  • Spread with Doug Hall’s large format photograph, “Plaza Monumental, Tijuana, Mexico” that shows a bullfight.
  • Pedro Reyes and his students' sculpture reproduces the inner ear and is meant to convey the need to “hear” across borders.
  • Object descriptions in English and Spanish.

Other projects completed for Art in Embassies include:

The cover shows Casey Roberts' cyanotype landscape with two birds on a hill, flowers, and a forest.



The cover features a detail of the multicolored thread sculpture “Plexus C9” by artist Gabriel Dawe.



The cover features a detail from an abstract work from Willem de Kooning with red and blue strokes.



The cover shows an abstract painting of two vertical red ovals with 4 intersecting horizontal ellipses.