Catalogue  /  Hide/Seek, National Portrait Gallery

This exhibition catalogue focuses on themes of sexual difference in American portraiture, from 1880 until 2010.

  • Special edition slipcase with title stamped with clear foil.
  • Front and back covers.
  • Title page spread.
  • The table of contents page is embellished with a small portrait of Susan Sontag by Peter Hujar.
  • Chapter openers are details of artworks, either half-covered or half revealed by a block of flesh-toned color block.
  • Plate 59, a photo taken by twenty year old Nan Goldin, shows her roommate who performed in drag.
  • A detail of the typographic treatment for each catalogue entry.
  • Plate 81 features a portrait of the dancer and choreographer Bill T. Jones painted by Keith Haring and photographed by Tseng Kwong Chi.
  • Plate 83, from his series of Camouflage Self-Portraits, Andy Warhol hides in plain sight.