AIGA  /  Small man. Big man.

Small man. Big man. promotes a poster exhibition celebrating Toulouse-Lautrec’s influence on the world of graphic design.

  • Save the Date card for “Small man. Big man.” to promote an AIGA DC Chapter poster exhibit celebrating Toulouse-Lautrec’s enormous influence on graphic design.
  • The front and back of the exhibition announcement poster features a cropped, off-center and tilted photo of Toulouse-Lautrec.
  • Raffle tickets. At the end of the exhibition run, winners chose their favorite poster to take home.
  • The lecture series announcement shows each speaker’s poster hung in environments similar to the kind Toulouse-Lautrec frequented.
  • The reverse lists each speaker’s biography, lecture information, and a reproduction of their poster.
  • A thirteen-foot tall Toulouse-Lautrec, composed of the poster announcement and eleven other segments, greets visitors at the exhibition entrance.
  • Exhibition posters hang higher than normal, giving visitors a viewing angle similar to Toulouse-Lautrec’s perspective.

AIGA  /  Design Legends Gala

Three gifted designers and their “gifts” to the profession were honored in materials created for AIGA’s Design Legends Gala.

  • Three gifted designers and their “gifts” to the profession were honored in materials created for AIGA’s national Design Legends Gala.
  • A quote by Emile Zola on the Save-the Date card suggests artists who work hard make their special gifts worthwhile.
  • The back of each invitation wrapper is sealed with the AIGA logo.
  • An unwrapped invitation contains the event information, response card, and response card envelope.
  • The commemorative book, wrapped in paper and closed with the AIGA seal and unwrapped. It is given to each Design Legends Gala attendee.
  • This spread features a profile of Michael Bierut, one of the honorees.
  • The book’s pages are folded and bound at the spine. The outside of each page features text about the honoree and a sample of his/her design.
  • Each example of the honoree’s work is on a separate page to prevent visual interference from non-related designs.

Other projects completed for AIGA include:

  • AIGA50, print materials
  • Design For The Fun Of It, print materials
  • Armin and Dorothea Hofmann, print materials